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  The data for the day has to have 2 digits. That means that entries for (e.g.) "6. Dezember 1957" can be found only than, when the searchfield for the day reads like "06" ...
You may also use a placeholder ("_"). Just as the example data search returns with all years between 1950 to 1959, you could as well search for day "1_" and receive all days from 10. to 19. as result.



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TwinBase - this data base of astrological twins derives from the initiative and work of Riley M. Sinder (, Thomas J. Klamm (, and others.

Anyone who visits Astrology comes sooner or later to the question -- How differently do the "Fates" treat two people with the same or at least very similar horoscopes?

Now very few people have the "luck" of drawing a natural twin with live stories to compare in answering this question. Consequently, for anyone WITHOUT a natural twin--where would you look to find a person with the same birth date, approximate birth hour, and if possible nearby birth place?

And THAT is where the Astro TwinBase becomes useful. In this Database, you will find the dates of birth as well as email addresses of people from all over world. You can look for your astrological twin. You can scroll through the Astro TwinBase. You may find someone already listed who has the same birth date as you, and perhaps a proximate hour -- when your birth time and the birth time of the other person are both converted to Greenwich Mean Time.

And to compare the life events of your astrological twin, you can send an email to whoever has a birth date, time, and place close to your own birth date, time, and place. Will you and your astrological twin have the common experiences that you would expect? You will have to ask your twin to find out.

If you do not find your twin in the list, you can be the first to enter the date, time, and place--so that your twin can find YOU--by looking through the TwinBase.

Each person who is interested can take part by inserting a personal birth date, time, and place.
You can make corrections, such as updates of email address, by sending another submission with the correct data.

Remember that a twin born one mile to the Eastern side of the International Date line will have a birthdate one day EARLIER compared to the twin born one mile to the Western side of the International Date line. Hence, you should start the search for your twin beginning on the date BEFORE your birthdate and perhaps continuing to the date AFTER your birthdate, depending on the time and place of your birth.