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- Taeger-Archives -
(serving the astrological community with 20 years of data research)

Dear colleague(s),

My co-researcher Thomas Siegfried (* 29.5.1956, 14h 15m MET,Kaiserlautern/D), I (*15.10.1944, 6h 35m a.m. MET, Goerlitz/D) and the IAS-Team would like to ask you for your cooperation concerning three research projects which we are in the process of preparing:

1.) Research Project Astrologers/RPA: This project has 2 main goals: (a.) Building up a comprehensive collection (World Encyclopedia of Astrologers) of historical as well as contemporary astrologers (including biographical information) and (b.) attempt to discover wether there are astrological factors which allow astrologers to feel and understand esoteric energies easier than ordinary people do.

2.) Research Project Eros/RPE: (-Often researched, but still interesting): Statistical research about homo and bisexuality (male/female), perverted sexual behaviour, prostitution (female/male), extreme forms of heterosexuality.

3.) Research Project Night-Owl/Early Bird/RPEN: Statistical research why there are day and night orientated human beeings and why there is a time altered rhythm in 10% of the world population. Newest REM-Research verified this fact.


To build up a World Encyclopedia of Astrologers we would like to ask you for:

* Your POSTAL ADDRESS, fax, telephone, email, website:

* Your PERSONAL DATA (-please mention if your time of birth is via BC, parents, rectification, baby book, hospital, church records, midwife etc.). If possible add a copy of your birth-document to have your time of birth as authentic as possible:

* Your SHORT BIOGRAPHY. In sending your vita please mention some of the most important and relevant events of your life (e.g. partnerships, profession, illnessess ... etc.). In addition we would appreciate if you could enhance your bio with a copyright-free and personally signed photo:

* Would you describe yourself as a 1. professional astrologer (since...), 2. part time astrologer (since...), 3. research astrologer (since...), 4. hobby astrologer (since...):

* Please describe your BASIC LINE concerning astrology, e.g. psychological astrology, esoteric astrology, horary astrology, mundane astrology, humanistic astrology, experimental astrology, traditional astrology, Vedic astrology, sidereal astrology, theosophical astrology, cosmobiology, uranian astrology, financial astrology, combination of eastern philosophy and western astrology, medical astrology, astrology as an art-form, philosophical astrology, scientific astrology, Huber school...:

* Your most favoured TECHNIQUES and topics (e.g. primary directions, house progressions, distance values, composite, astrocartography, planetoids, fixed stars, hypothetical planets(:...), solar returns, lunar returns, transits, house rulers, galactic & supergalactic centre, midpoints, harmonics, helioncentric methods, planet-nodes, rectifications...):

* Your favoured HOUSE-SYSTEM(s):

* Your other ESOTERIC INTERESTS (e.g. oracles, tarot, numerology, meditation, body-therapy, Buddhism, Hinduism, alchemy, depth psychology, Christianity, reiki, reincarnation therapy, parapsychology, homoeopathy, colour therapy, ufology...):

* Did you PUBLISH any books, major articles, gave special lectures, worked in tv- or radioshows? - If so, please mention title(s) resp. subject(s):

* Could you recommend OTHER ASTROLOGERS of your country whom we should contact? (address, email or fax):

* Do you have data (-also death data) of famous astrologers of the PAST?:


* Do you have in your personal data collection anonymous data of male and/or female HOMOSEXUALS and BISEXUALS (which are not yet published in the ISAR or Steinbrecher data bank)?- If so, please send as much data as possible (- statistics need a high number of horoscopes). If possible add some REMARKS like promiscous, feminine or extreme masculine behaviour, pederast, masochist, sadist, transvestite, open sexuality, hidden sexuality, steady relationships, moderate, year of coming out, Aids-victim, pervert, * Would you like to be mentioned as the data collector, (original or otherwise)?:

* Could you recommend other astrologers or data collectors who could have data concerning this research project?:


* Newest scientific evidence shows that 10% of the world population are night- orientated and have their deepest REM-phases around midday or the early afternoon. We would like to test if there are astrological factors which could cause this phenomenon.

* Do you have any data of predominently night-orientated or very early morning- orientated people?- Some personal remarks are welcome (-also source of birthtime as: via BC, via parents, via personal statement, via hospital records...)


* Would you like to be mentioned as the data collector, (original or otherwise)?:

p.s. Could you manage to bring our research projects to a wider public attention by forwarding this letter to colleagues and friends, by mentioning them on your website or setting a link to our website, publish them in your magazine, newsletter, newsgroups or photocopying this letter for circulation within your astrology group?

p.p.s. Of course we are interested in ALL KIND OF DATA (personalities, mundane) with short background informations and reliability of source. In exchange we send you data of our archives. To see what we have in stock (stand Oct. 96) just download our archives-list from our website:


- Thank you for your kind cooperation. In return we will send you 100 short vita and data of notable German astrologers. Please mark if you are interested

With kind regards from Ireland
Hans-Hinrich Taeger & Thomas Siegfried / IAS
(-members of the Association of Professional Data Collectors/APDC)


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